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Craig, we've stopped counting your votes. Desist.

Dear Gina

It has come to the attention of our editorial staff that you have been on the lookout for some form of mass communication medium which you intend to deploy for the purpose of gaining political and economic influence.

It has also come to our attention that you are willing to part with some money in return for such a medium.

Further, it has come to our intention that you have an awful lot of money.

Obviously, Gina, you have never heard of advertising.

Nevertheless, we at Unaustralian are eager to assist with your endeavour. This trusty little blog will happily put out whatever message you like for a fee of barely half of that which you are willing to part with in return for Fairfax Media. What’s more, Gina, we will not require you to sign any pesky Charter of Editorial Independence document. This is partly because we don’t have one, but mostly because we could really use the cash.

Now you might be thinking that this noble blog has but a small readership and pretty much no influence, but I must urge that you put such reservations aside. In fact, we are confident that you have already done so, given that Fairfax Media, should you succeed in acquring it, would quite likely have an even smaller readership, be somewhat compromised on the matter of political influence, and have a net worth of a shade less than a pinch of shit.

Please communicate your desire to proceed with these arrangements by way of rant at the next anti-mining tax demonstration. At least you’ll know someone apart from Alan Jones will be paying attention.




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